Sunday, August 29, 2021

Concern and Anxiety

Ida to make landfall on the anniversary of Katrina. While my grandson is in Baldwin County, Alabama quarantined to his dorm room after a positive COVID19 test.  

As a fairly new employee of the Emergency Management Agency I am being activated for the first time.  

In preparation for Hurricane Ida we will begin activation today at noon.  My shift will begin at 6:30 this evening and I will work overnight.  I have never worked a night shift before so I'm trying, this morning, to figure out how to get some sleep in during the day, how do I keep myself awake all night, and am I allowed to bring things with me to help with that.

My job is to be there in case they need to purchase/order items to aid in recovery from the storm.  

I am going prepared.  I have packed a bag with the kit and instructions for My Favorite Color Is Moda along with a cutting mat and rotary cutter and a mini iron and wool pressing mat.  If I'm allowed I will be cutting fabric to help me through the night.

Wish me luck on this new experience.

Wishing you more stitching time than I will have.

Friday, August 27, 2021

More progress!

I drove 45 miles to work for nine and a half years and when I finally got my quilting studio situated I managed to go straight to it when I got home to get my 30 minutes of stitching in.  For the last 4 months I have been only 2.1 miles from home, so when I get home now I have an extra 30 minutes to stitch.  I am loving it!

I don't think it will be completed by PHD report time but my sister's quilt is off the frame.  This is only the second quilt I have done on the Grace frame and the first one was meandered.  I will do the outer border on the domestic machine.  It's not perfect but I'm still pretty pleased with it.  I told my sister that it was going to be a practice quilt.  I love this quilt and I kind of wish I had waited for a little more experience before quilting it.  But it's okay.  I'm going to tell her when I'm famous for my longarm quilting she can say she has the first custom free motion quilt.  HAHA!!

So last week I posted that I would be working on an Easter Bunny door hanging.  I have a question for applique quilters.  Do you stitch around each piece as you fuse it?  Or do you fuse them all and then stitch around the exposed edges?

I managed to get all of the bunny pieces fused but not to the background.  The picture had the belly white but the instructions said pink.  I think I'm going to redo it with white.  The parts are just set in place ready to be fused.  I haven't found the border fabric yet.  It's not really the time of year to shop for Easter fabric.  I might have to improvise.

This week I rolled a 2 with the die.  The Crazy Blocks.  I posted about these way back here.
My daughter and granddaughter were visiting my quilt studio one day and decided that this was the one they wanted to hang on a quilt rack.  It earned a numbered tub shortly after that. 

The goals this week were:
Stitch the last row on my sister's quilt👍
Fuse bunny parts👍
Find some striped fabric👎
Stitch 30 minutes 6 days👍
Tidy Organize 15 minutes 6 days👍

Goals this week are:
Get started on the border of my sister's quilt
Finish sashing the Crazy Blocks
Stitch 30 minutes 6 days
Tidy/Organize 15 minutes 6 days

Wishing you more stitching time than I will have.

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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Continued progress

This week continues with 2019-20 Build A Quilt.  I believe this is the final block and then it's on to the finishing kit.

I have advanced my sister's quilt to the final row.  The outer border will need to be done on my domestic machine because it went absolutely from end to end on the Grace Frame and the machine carriage wouldn't allow the machine to extend that far.

This is only the second quilt that I have done longarm. And the first one was a meander design.

There are errors, but hey, not too bad for number one.  It's gonna take practice that I'm willing to put in.

Thursday brought another roll of the die. Number 4 - Is an Easter Bunny door display.  I saw it in a Quick Quilts magazine in May 2009. I gathered all the fabric needed for the parts and bundled it as a kit and on the UFO list it went....for a long time.  I'm planning to make 2 of them.  One for each of homes of my grandchildren. 

I will need to purchase a striped fabric for the borders but all of the rest is from my stash/scraps.

And yesterday I got to spend the day watching Mini Momma play in a volleyball tournament.

It was such fun.  A long long time ago in a faraway land I played volleyball too.

Goals for the week were:

Stitch a row on my sister's quilt (only 2 1 more to go)👍
Get the back for the Christmas quilt complete 👍
Stitch 30 minutes 6 days 👍
Tidy (fold more fabric) 15 minutes 6 days👎

Goals for this week:
Stitch the last row on my sister's quilt
Fuse bunny parts
Find some striped fabric
Stitch 30 minutes 6 days
Tidy Organize 15 minutes 6 days

Wishing you more stitchin time than I will have.

Thank you for visiting, comments are always welcome.

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